About Us

The Fremont Bar is a new adventure for us at The Hotel Vendome. We saw the need for a quiet, classy spot to relax with a glass of wine or a fantastic micro-brew in downtown Prescott, Arizona. The hotel is nearly 100 years old and sitting in the lobby makes you feel like you are in another time, the cherry wood bar is a cozy spot to nestle in and meet with friends. Our outside porches and patios are a perfect spot to warm up in the Arizona sunshine and watch the world move by slowly. Our vision for the Fremont is for you to have an experience, wines come from around the world and often rare microbrews find there way here.  It is a small venture but absolutely fueled by a passion for all things delicious. Come join us on your next visit to Northern Arizona.

The Hotel Vendome was built in 1917 as a hotel with 31 rooms and 16 bathrooms. Surviving the years as a hotel it was renovated in 1983 with the renowned architect Bill Otwell. The building was kept up to it’s historical integrity including keeping the original woodwork untouched down to the room numbers on the doors. The hotel now has 20 rooms with private bathrooms and several new modern amenities. Situated a half block from the Courthouse Square, you can walk to all of the restaurants and galleries while still maintaining some peace and quiet.

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